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LocaLink™ Remote Trigger

Simple integration with telecare and warden call systems

The LocaLink remote trigger works with most telecare, warden and nurse call systems so that alerts can be handled in the same way as other devices such as pendant alarms or telecare sensors.

There are two integration options:

•    The LocaLink can be installed in the user’s home alongside an existing or new telecare hub.  When it receives an alert from the St Bernard Service it will trigger the telecare system  in the same way as any other sensor.  The monitoring centre will see that the alert  is triggered by a GPS device and the operator can look on the St Bernard web site to see the details of the alarm and the user’s location.

•    An alternative is to have one single LocaLink connected to a dedicated telecare hub in the monitoring centre  which receives the GPS alerts for all users. When an alert is generated the operator can log onto the St Bernard website, identify which user has generated the alert and then retrieve the user’s details from the telecare system.




The LocaLink can also be used with warden and nurse call systems.  The device can be connected to a spare call point so that when it is activated the staff can see that it is a GPS alert and then locate the user through the St. Bernard web site.