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Service Organisation

St Bernard will suit a single user, a small telecare group with a few users or a large organisation with many users distributed in groups or even independent departments with separate administration.

A website Company represents all the members of a customer organisation. The service is based in a hierarchical structure of companies and groups, as described in the figure, where a service user can only access location devices and information for his/her own Company and dependent ones.

This ensures that access to location devices is limited to appropriate users. There is the possibility to further partition the devices in a company into groups within the Company and restrict access to them to selected website users. This will allow restricted access to your organisation information to users outside the organisation. For example, a family member can see the information for his/her relative without seeing all the other devices in the organisation.

Some thought should be given to the implementation of the overall structure of the service for an organisation, so that these access rules can be used to maintain privacy for the service users.