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Each Bracelet is supplied with a Travel Companion.  This is a hand held device that communicates with the Bracelet using a low power wireless signal. The Bracelet continuously checks that they are not too far apart.  If they are within range the Bracelet operates in low power mode, saving the battery by not communicating with the St Bernard Service as often as it would do normally.

The Travel Companion operates in a number of modes: 

  •  When it is plugged into its associated charger at home its range can cover the entire home effectively providing its own geofence. 
  • If the Bracelet user leaves home, as soon as the Bracelet and Travel Companion lose contact an alert can be raised, if required, via the St Bernard Service and the Bracelet operates as a normal locator.
  • If The Travel Companion is taken out of the charger it will shorten the detection range to a few metres.  This allows a carer to take the person wearing the Bracelet out and about without triggering alerts from geofences etc. 
  • If the wearer wanders away from the carer the Travel Companion alerts them.  After a few minutes, if they have not been reunited, the Bracelet finds its location using GPS and sends an alert so that the wearer can be found quickly. It then operates as a normal locator until the Travel Companion comes into range again.


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