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Financial packages to match different funding streams

Funding for technology and services can come by different routes depending on the situation of the user and the provider. In some cases there will be an appropriate revenue stream that can be used, in other cases there may be a capital amount available but no ongoing revenue as well as a mix of the two situations.

To accommodate the different funding methods Halliday James offer a number of financial packages to cover for the hardware and service costs for location devices and LocaLink Remote Trigger units:

  • Weekly rental (minimum period of 4 weeks)  This allows the service to be evaluated and its suitability for an individual user to be evaluated without a long term commitment.
  • Long term rental (1 year contract) with monthly charges including device rental and service charge
  • Purchase of the device and a monthly service charge for a fixed period
  • Purchase of the device and one year prepaid service charge.  The lowest cost option and particularly suitable when a capital sum is available.

Our devices use a mobile telephone SIM card by default for a UK operator. Mobile network coverage is very good throughout the country, but, due to the nature of the radio links used in mobile phones, uneven performance does occur for all networks in some areas. If you suffer of poor coverage in your area, we will fit your device with a SIM card that will connect with the mobile network offering the strongest signal (a UK roaming SIM) at any point at a slightly higher cost..

Additional costs such as text messages which are used for alerts and setting up the device and any voice calls made from the device will be extra.