Home Activity Monitoring
Activity Monitoring
Activity monitoring has been shown to establish whether a person living on their own is able to cope and is widely used in assessment.  EASE provides the same information on an on-going basis so that any problems can be caught early.
In the home there are optional sensors which, when triggered, communicate with the Bracelet which then forwards the activity data to the servers.  The sensors are usually movement sensors (PIRs) and door/window contacts but other types of sensor such as bed pads can also be connected. 
The sensor data is processed by the St Bernard Portal and displayed as simple charts.  Additional processing can derive parameters which give an indication of any problems that may have arisen if the user is not coping well.  
Some sensors can trigger an immediate alert through the St Bernard Service.  This is particularly useful if a door exit alert is needed.
User Locations Time Table
When outdoors the St Bernard Portal can show where the user has been and the full range of alerts is available should the user become lost or confused.