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The St Bernard Location Service...

... is a GPS based Emergency Location Service designed around the needs of social care.

By focusing on the diverse needs of social care practitioners Halliday James Ltd can now offer a flexible solution which is simple enough to be used to support a single person but is also powerful enough to provide a fully integrated service to manage the needs of an entire organisation.


What is Emergency Location?

Essentially it is being able to find and help someone who has encountered a problem when they are out and about. They might have wandered out of a familiar area and become lost or they may be confused and unaware of their situation. In many cases fear of this happening can stop people going out by themselves either because they themselves are afraid, or because their carers and family are concerned for their safety.

Being able to provide a safety net in the form of Emergency Location can reassure both the service user and their carers. It can allow people to continue being active and independent and helps reduce the costs of providing continuous support